Windmill Market is fresh, seasonal food and fun – a mix of restaurants, grocery, live music and Fairhope’s original local vibe.

Since 2009, we’ve celebrated locally sourced, healthy and green from the foods we serve to how we run under one big eco-friendly roof. Enjoy a sandwich, wrap, or salad at the new Ox Kitchen or MaryAnn’s Deli, Fairhope’s classic lunchtime café.

MaryAnn's Deli

MaryAnn's Deli has its roots in the mid 1980’s as a true Eastern Shore institution. You might call it Fairhope Soul Food – with a 2nd generation now ordering up the “Shirley” or quiche with chips, a pickle and “the good ice.” Chef Bob Copoletta calls continuity the magic here – serving MaryAnn’s classic citrus cilantro poppyseed dressing, and carefully hand-pulled chicken salad featured in the #1 selling “Fairhope” plate. 

Open Monday-Saturday 10am-3pm and Sundays 11am-3pm; For catering and daily specials, call 251.928.3663.

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Drawing a name from his wife’s hometown of Oxford, MS – the Ox Kitchen serves what Bo Hamilton calls “New Southern Casual” including a twist to classic Southern sandwiches, salads, fried seafood and more. The Ox Kitchen celebrates food with all the character, story and soul of the South. Expect fast casual comfortable for the entire family. 

Open Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm and Friday Nights 5-8pm!