Local Love - Our Story

When we began the design of the Windmill Market, one of our guiding principles was to ‘Make a special Place for citizens to gather, and then commerce would follow’. The re-think/reuse/
recycle/ themes that are built-in to the market design are the foundation of our “place-making”
— Mac Walcott


Long before it became the community hub for food, music and all things local, the concrete slabbed and steel beamed building on Bancroft was the hub for Fairhope’s hottest new wheels in town. Klumpp Motors opened its Chevrolet dealership in 1965 – offering convertibles, station wagons and tune-ups until its close in the late 1970’s. Remnants of the old service bays and garage door tracks can still be seen today.

By 2008, architects Mac & Gina Walcott saw new potential in the abandoned building as a celebration of their longtime commitment to sustainability. Renovation with thoroughly green building methods brought rainwater cisterns, solar panels, and the signature windmill to generate power for what they dubbed “Windmill Market.”

What was originally envisioned as a weekend farmers and craft market quickly grew to a retail and food mix of restaurants, a produce grocery, and numerous local artists and musicians. Garden beds and fruit trees would keep the menu seasonally fresh.  And the rear courtyard became the go-to for Fairhope’s traditional First Friday Night Artwalk and live music every weekend.

Windmill Market has been honored with awards and accolades regionally and nationally for its architectural innovation and model of sustainability.

Today, the commitment to community continues at Windmill, with a fresh new offering of restaurants, down-the-road fresh foods and products, vendors, music and more.