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June 2017

The Eastern Shore’s newest chic Southern food mecca is Ox Kitchen, located inside Windmill Market.

Last year, Chef Bo Hamilton and his family felt their Southern roots tugging at their heartstrings, so they decided to leave Jackson Hole, Wyoming, behind. Although Bo hails from Birmingham and his wife, Molly, is from Oxford, Mississippi, the looming question of where to settle was easily answered after their first visit to Fairhope. With amazing outdoor activities (something the couple had grown accustomed to during their time out West) and its proximity to both of their families, the Eastern Shore seemed like the perfect fit. Read More...

March 2017

Fred Hunter / Absolutely Alabama – WBRC


June 2016

AAA Magazine June 2016 Featured Local Landmark Spotlight

"Fairhope visitors in search of Alabama brews or Baldwin county blueberries need only look for a windmill. the innovative market houses restaurants and shops and hosts free live music Fridays and Saturdays... Artisans sell photography,  furniture, and gifts, the market focuses on local foods. Its grocery features produce from Alabama farmers who grow everything from kohlrabi to golden beets. It also sells honey made from local hives, which just might explain why this spot always seems to be buzzing..."

Windmill Market Receives Statewide Design Award

Fairhope, Alabama based Architecture firm Walcott Adams Verneuille was nominated for and received a prestigious American Institute of Architects award for its design of the Windmill Market.

Built in 2009 to showcase Gulf Coast food, art and culture, the Windmill Market also incorporates green technology into the way it is operated and green building methods into its very design. Originally envisioned as a weekend farmers and craft market, the facility is now a seven-day a week retail and food hub that houses three restaurants, a produce market, and numerous local artists and musicians. It’s cutting edge green initiatives have made the facility a cornerstone of environmental education in Baldwin County and a model for green building.

The building where the Windmill Market is located was built in the 1960’s as a Chevrolet dealership.... Read More...

Mobile Bay Magazine, July 2015

Tastings: Sweet Olive Bakery & Juice Bar Stop by for a light bite inside Fairhope's popular Windmill Market

A treasure tucked into the front corner of Fairhope’s popular and funky Windmill Market, Sweet Olive is many things: a casual café, an outstanding bakery, and a garden-fresh smoothie and juice bar. Sweet Olive boasts a menu focused on healthful, flavorful dishes laced with a smattering of Greek flair (a nod to the chef’s heritage). It also specializes in serving fresh, local cuisine. “We make everything from scratch, except the mayo and the pita,” manager Maggie Lacey says. “You can taste the difference in every item and every sauce. Even our bagels are boiled before baking just like they do in New York.”  Read More...

Mobile Bay Magazine, April 2015

Fields of Feasting: Farm-to-table meals connect local farmers, chefs and grateful diners.

Twice a year, local food lovers gather on a beautiful piece of farmland in Baldwin County to enjoy unique fare, superb wine and rich conversation. This unforgettable meal is called “Moveable Feast” and is hosted by Fairhope’s Windmill Market. Throughout the evening, strangers become friends as they taste exotic flavors crafted by local chefs using only the best homegrown ingredients. Between each of the five courses, farmers, chefs and wine experts share information about the dishes, their trades and how attendees can support the local food movement. 

“There are five courses with wine pairings, the sunset, a breeze blowing, but we also want it to be educational,” says Maggie Lacey, the event’s coordinator. “We serve amazing food, but the meal also has a purpose at the same time.” Read More...

Lagniappe, June 2014

Frios opens at Windmill Market

I was just saying the other day that we needed more gourmet popsicles in our area. Ask and ye shall receive. Frios Gourmet Pops recently opened a spot in Fairhope’s Windmill Market. Just in time to help beat the summer heat, the little pop shop that began in Gadsden has expanded as far south and east as Destin, and most recently over to the Eastern Shore. Read More...

Lagniappe, March 2015

Windmill’s Seafood Savvy Series Brings James Beard Chef

It may be the random fruit trees scattered about the property. Maybe it’s the eco-friendly environment and the great food. But whatever it is about Fairhope’s Windmill Market that attracts you to the corner of Equality and Bancroft, you’ll find there is another reason to visit at the end of this month.

Another installment of their Seafood Savvy series will be held Tuesday, March 31 at 6 p.m. For those unfamiliar, these quarterly events are set up to enlighten consumers about seafood preparation with informative lessons on where to get it and how to cook it.

“I’m always amazed by the fact that we live so close to the water here in south Alabama, and yet many of us don’t know where to buy good seafood, how to handle it, where it comes from, or how it’s processed,” Maggie Lacey said.

Lacey is one of the Seafood Savvy organizers who hope the series will help turn consumers away from imported seafood and shed more light on what our gulf has to offer.  Read More...


Mobile Bay Magazine, November 2012

The Foodies: A thriving community of local epicureans ensures that Lower Alabama remains a dynamic culinary environment.

When it comes to food, the residents of Mobile Bay have an embarrassment of riches that we are quite proud of. We’ve long known the goodness of a diet filled with real, fresh seafood, the kind that doesn’t exactly look as if it came from a Jell-O mold. That whole “local movement,” all the rage across the country? We’ve been doing that a long time — from tomatoes and watermelons hauled in from Loxley and sold from the back of a truck to shrimp and oysters stacked on ice right next to the dock in Bayou La Batre.

What makes this a particularly exciting time, gastronomically speaking, is the lineup of all-star “foodies” making Mobile’s case as one of the South’s rising food towns. Allow us to introduce you to a few of the standout men and women who are doing their parts to ensure locals enjoy nothing but the best our area has to offer. Read More...